2 NEPA companies among 12 issued medical marijuana grower permits by state

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — State Health Department officials are notifying 12 applicants they’ve been awarded permits to grow and process medical marijuana, a landmark in developing Pennsylvania’s program.

Two applicants received permits for the Northeast Region – Pennsylvania Medical Solutions LLC for a facility in Scranton and Standard Farms LLC for a facility in White Haven.

The agency on Tuesday named the chosen entities that are scattered across the state and said it would announce the first round of 27 dispensary permits by the end of next week.

The growers will have six months to meet standards that show they are operational, after which they can begin growing.

The state’s medical marijuana law was enacted last year. Patients should be able to obtain the drug sometime in 2018.

The law lets patients take the medicine by pill, oil, vapor, ointment or liquid, but not in a form that can be smoked.



Associated Press

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